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● Papers must include an introduction and conclusion, contain a clear
organizational structure, and provide evidence from the reading to back up
your argument.
● MUST include specific examples from the graphic novel you chose to
support the claims or arguments you make.
● You must also incorporate relevant information from the weekly lessonand/or textbook to support your argument, and to draw connections
between the personal experiences the author recounts and the historical
events, movements, and/or themes discussed in this class.
● You may NOT use any sources in writing your paper outside of theassigned readings, course textbook, and class lesson material. DO NOT use
the internet as a source for your paper. Your papers will be checked with
plagiarism software when you submit it. Any copying of ideas or information
from an internet source will be considered plagiarism and will result in an 0
on the paper.
● You MUST provide citations for all direct quotes you use from the readings.
Use the following citation style:
○ “Whatever quotation you want to use, in quotation marks.”
(Author’s Last Name, page #)
○ Papers not citing sources will docked points.
○ You do NOT need to provide a Works Cited page.

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