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 This is a two part discussion:Part 1: Watch the following TED Talk about sleep:   and in a paragraph or two, share your reactions, including:

What did you learn from this TED Talk?
How much sleep do you get on average?
What changes can you make in your life to make sure you get enough sleep?
*Make sure you demonstrate an understanding of the TED Talk in your answer.

Part 2: Select a topic/concept from chapter five that you found particularly interesting and explain it in depth, using mostly your own words (with citations from the book). Make sure you demonstrate that you fully understand the concept. Next, you will apply it to either your own life or a real life example using someone else. Be detailed in explaining how it relates to a real life experience. For example, if you select the theories of dreaming, you will explain the theory that makes the most sense to you  and then discuss how it is represented in your life.  
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