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Psychopathology from a Clinical Perspective
PSYC 8781/CPSY 6221/PSYC 6781: Psychopathology from a Clinical PerspectiveFinal Project Guidelines
As part of your Final Project, you continue your examination of the DSM-5 as you assess and diagnose a fictional character. This character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature. In Week 2 of the course, you submit your fictional character for instructor review and approval. Your Final Project must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship.Final Project
(10-12 pages – Not including title page, abstract, and references)
Your Final Project must include the following elements:
I. Introduction• A description of your client (e.g., this character may be one from movies, theater, television, or literature.)
II. Background Information• A description of your client’s presenting information• A brief description of additional individuals (family, other professional positions, etc.) you might include as part of your assessment• An explanation as to why you would include additional individuals in this assessment
III. Diagnosis• A diagnosis using the DSM-5
IV. Risk and Resilience Factors:• An explanation of your client’s risk and resilience factors.
V. Psychosocial and Family Issues• An explanation of any psychosocial and/or family issues your client may present.
VI. Career and Vocation• An explanation of any career or vocational issues your client may be experiencing.VII. Legal and Ethical Issues• An explanation regarding any potential legal or ethical issues concerning assessment and diagnosis of your client.
VIII. Continued Assessment• Provide an explanation whether a continuing assessment is necessary and justify your explanation.
IX. Follow-up Recommendations for TreatmentNOTE: This is NOT a Treatment Plan for a client.• A description of proposed recommendations for your client based upon assessment and diagnosis.• A justification for proposed recommendations
Although the Final Project is not to be submitted until Day 5 of Week 11, you should become familiar with the project requirements and have them in mind as you proceed through the course. Many of the Discussions and Application Assignments relate to and can be of use to your Final Project.Information on scholarly writing may be found in the APA Publication Manual (7th ed.), and at the Walden Writing Center website. Also see the Walden University Policies and Information, in Syllabus-II, under “Policies on Academic Honesty.”
The Final Project is due on Day 5 of Week 11. See the Week 11 Final Project area for submission details.

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