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As with HRM, the field of L&D needs to be strategic in order to have a seat at the table influencing the decisions that lead to the success of the business.  Read the introduction to  Elevating Learning & Development.  The introduction mentioned five areas where L&D can take a more strategic role.  Note the connections between the role of HRM and the role of L&D professionals.  Which of the five areas do you think would most benefit your organization and why? 
Elevating Learning & Development also described nine dimensions that contribute to a strong L& D function.  Which do you think is the most challenging?  Why?
Management Reset was published in 2011.  What examples did Lawler and Worley offer that were visionary?  What concerned you about this decade-old future view?  Why?
What has been your experience with learning and development?  Describe the interactions.  What is the department’s role in your organization? 
After reading  Utilizing Lifelong Learning to Achieve Organizational and Individual Stakeholders, compare your experience with Zingerman’s approach.  Visit   and share your findings related to their current learning and development initiatives.
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