At the beginning of the lecture, students select a reading package of scientific papers (academic journal articles and conference papers) from a list. These scientific papers are to be researched and read. Students are to identify the key points from each reading package and then present them in class.
The theory(s) covered in the articles (e.g., Socio-technical Theory) should be summarized in a one-page theory fact sheet (“1-pager”). The fact sheet should be presented to an audience with general prior knowledge of the field, but without specific knowledge of the theory(s) in question (i.e., other students).
The Word template provided is to be used for the theory fact sheet.
Submission:Please submit the theory fact sheet in Word format (.docx or .odt).The collected fact sheets will be made available to all participants as one further source of preparation for the final exam. PresentationThe presentation should include:
– Context of the respective theory/s- Explanation of the underlying theory/s (cause-effect relationships, influencing factors, etc.) – Key findings and recommendations for action- Discussion of the significance and implications of the findings for digitalization in society- 2 to 3 prepared discussion questions for questions and answers
The presentation should not string together Paper 1 -> Paper 2 -> Paper n … but should present the respective theory and discuss the essential findings of the papers and their significance!
Length of the presentation:
· Maximum length of the presentation 10 minutes
· Questions and answers 5 minutes (prepare 2 to 3 questions for discussion)
Be creative and do not bore the audience!
If slides are used, a maximum number of 10 slides (or an equivalent number of animated slide combinations or Prezi moves) should not be exceeded, although a number of 7 to 8 slides may be considered sufficient.
Instructions for good slide design can be found here: powerpoint-presentations.aspx
Evaluation of the presentation:The evaluation of the seminar presentation considers the following components:
· Content and match to the selected reading package
· Structure of the presentation format
· Accuracy and understandability of the theory and findings
· Involvement of the audience
· Originality and creativity
· Communication skills (clear speech, pace, and language)
· Handling of questions
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