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Essay topic: The Effects of Aging on HIV Care and Treatment for Adults Article chosen: I will also add the PDF just incase you don’t have access to this link. Cover page (first page) Include the following sections. a. Introduction – Paragraph1 (second page) • Clearly establishes the purpose of the paper • Includes key points to be covered • Captures the reader’s interest b. Body of Paper – Paragrph2,3,4 • Complete, well-developed discussion of key points • Supports the purpose or main idea of the paper • Logical development of ideas with clear and accurate information • Ideas and statements are supported by three or more examples from personal and/or professional experiences • Provides own perspectives on the topic that is reflective, insightful, and original c. Conclusion – 5 • Clear and concise • Summarizes key points discussed in the paper • Leaves a strong impression, message, or idea on the reader d. Writing Style – (Times New Roman 12) E. Correct use of standard English grammar, paragraph, and sentence structure F. No spelling or typographical errors G. Organized around required components H. Information flows in a logical sequence that is easy for the reader to follow I. APA Format, and References – Last page • There is correct and appropriate use of margins, spacing, font, and headers • Document setup includes title and reference pages in correct APA format

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