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Self-Reflection and Self-Care is a Core Value (#5) of holistic nursing (AHNA & ANA, 2013, p. 20).

· “Self-Reflection-defined as turning inward to examine one’s thoughts, values, beliefs, experiences, behaviors, and inner wisdom-enhances self-understanding and facilitates reflective practice” (AHNA & ANA, p.8).
· “The nurse’s self-reflection, self-assessment, self-care, healing and personal development are necessary for service to others, growth/change in the nurse’s own well-being, and understanding of the nurse’s own personal journey” (AHNA & ANA, p. 8)
AHNA & ANA. (2013). Holistic Nursing: Scope and standards of practice, 2nd Edition. Silver Spring, MD:

Instructions: Reflect on your professional beliefs and values and write a 4-5 page double-spaced paper (not including title page). Include an introduction, a paragraph for each of the following content areas, and a conclusion. This paper needs to be written in proper APA format, but there is no need for references unless you decide cite something.



Partially Add-ressed

Insuff. or Not Add-ressed

Points Possible

Points Earned

Personal and professional behaviors:
· What is your current self-concept related to your personal and professional appearance and demeanor?
· What is your desired self-concept related to your personal and professional appearance and demeanor?


Professional value beliefs and values:
· What values, attitudes and beliefs, do you bring to your professional practice?
· How were your values formed (e.g. family, religion, or by your past or present interaction with people)?
· Do you desire to change any values, attitudes or beliefs? Why?


Professional respect and boundaries:
· How do you show respect for yourself and others?
· How do you maintain professional boundaries with patients and families as well as among caregivers?


Professional goals:
· What are your professional goals in terms of career, pursuing practice excellence, lifelong learning and professional engagement to support practice excellence and to foster professional growth and development?
· What are some facilitators and barriers to these goals?


Professional knowledge:
· What knowledge do you bring to your profession?
· What knowledge do you desire?
· Will this knowledge assist you in achieving your professional goals? Explain


Professional skills:
· What skills do you bring to your profession?
· What skills do you desire?
· Will these skills assist you in achieving your professional goals? Explain


Spelling, Grammar, APA format Free of Spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. Size 12 Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, title page, numbers in upper right hand corner, headings, introduction, conclusion.


Total Points Earned


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