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Reflective Report: Inventory Basics
Questions For Simulation Reflective Report- Inventory Basics 
 (word limit 750 (+/- 10%)
1. What strategy did you use in the replenishment of Adjustable Wrench? Please discuss and refer to your simulation results. What strategy did you use in the replenishment of Rock Salt? Are they different strategies? Why? Please discuss by referring to your results.
2. How have the two challenges of simulation confirmed or changed your ideas on Inventory Management? What really determines the size of order? Please discuss by referring to your simulation results and also relevant concepts in Inventory Management.SUBMISSION INFORMATION –Due date is Week 11
 1. You need to submit your reflective report along with your simulation results to Turnitin.
2. Referencing is a MUST. When you refer to other sources, please cite them in the report and list them under the reference list; otherwise, it may be treated as a breach to the student misconduct policy.

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