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Reply 7-1 AS (100 words and 1 reference)
Only two of the numerous areas that organized crime has an impact on are the American economy and national security. The Organized Crime Council reconvened for the first time in 15 years to address this persistent threat. Due to increasingly open borders and the expansion of the Internet, organized crime has expanded globally and now threatens the United States from both within and beyond its boundaries(Finlea, 2010). The globe has been threatened by several organized criminal organizations, including Middle Eastern, African, Russian, Asian, Italian, Balkan, and Asian syndicates. Politicians can question if the tools they provided the federal government to combat organized crime are still effective in fending off the evolving threats of the present(Finlea, 2010). For 2021 and upcoming years, The use of technology will alter investigation, detection, and preventive methods. Transnational crime has more chances due to variations in country laws, regulations, and taxation. However, these won’t change fundamentally; just the specific goods and services, routes, and target markets will. The biggest difference in predatory crimes will be additional opportunity to carry out conventional kinds of fraud utilizing more contemporary communication techniques. 
Reply 7-2 XA to DF (100 words and 1 reference)
I hope you are having a good week and staying warm. Comparing all three types of crime, I agree that political crimes are more serious. Of course, every crime causes the victim/s to be at a loss for something but looking at the bigger picture, political crimes can affect a city, state, and country. As you mentioned some effects might be from lack of development, poor quality services, and poor infrastructures, this also made me think of how the pandemic has played out. There were 3 stimulus checks that were given out to qualified individuals, on top of that, some states were also able to give some sort of relief, in California, we received one right after the third stimulus check and another one recently called Middle-Class Tax refund, provided to eligible Californians due to the high increase of gas and groceries. I can only imagine how chaotic things would have been if there were issues regarding funding like fraud and money laundering, and how much more victims would be affected.  
Reply 7-2 DA (100 words and 1 reference)
Which of the three types of crime we’re studying this week (Organized, White Collar, or Political) is the most concerning to you? Why?
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