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End of Trimester 3A, 2022
MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management
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School of Management and Marketing
End of Trimester 3A, 2022
MGMT 3012 International Human Resource Management
This paper is for ALL campuses
This is a Take-Home OPEN BOOK
Examination Duration 2 (TWO) Days
Reading Time Nil
Total Marks 40 Marks

Case Study Instructions
1. The Case Study will be available under the Assessments link (on Blackboard) from 05:00 PM on
Wednesday 1st February 2023 to 05:00 PM (AWST) on Friday 3rd February 2023.
2. This Assessment can be completed within 2-4 hours; however ALL students are given a full 48 hour
window to allow flexibility with other exams, internet connection issues etc.
3. Download the case and answer all the questions in a blank MS Word file (offline) during the
available time.
4. All questions are compulsory and MUST be addressed.
5. The expected answer to EACH question, regardless of its value (mark), is between 1-2 pages,
which is approximately 400-700 words. You will not be penalised for going over or under the above
word count as long as your response to the questions are relevant, comprehensive, coherent, and
addresses ALL parts of the question. There is no need to follow an essay or a report format. As such,
there is no need for a cover/contents page, executive summary, introduction, and conclusion. However,
you must use full sentences and avoid using bullet points.
6. Submit the FINAL version of your answers via the relevant Turnitin link in Blackboard. Please note that
ONLY ONE submission is allowed for this assessment. NO DRAFT submission is allowed. When you
submit your assignment to Turnitin you should download its digital receipt as the Turnitin receipt is no
longer emailed to you. The digital receipt contains, among other details, the word count and page count
of the paper, the date you submitted it, and the file name. Please double check these details are correct
Venue ____________________
Student Number |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
Family Name _____________________
First Name _____________________
For Examiner Use Only
Q Mark

Total ________

End of Trimester 3A, 2022
MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management
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(e.g. the correct file has been uploaded and it has uploaded fully). Please see the following link for the
recent changes to the Turnitin: Changes to Turnitin | Current Students (
7. If there are other technical issues when you submit, you should email us immediately with a copy of
your paper. We highly encourage you to submit your answers at least a few hours before the due date
to be able to manage such potential issues.
8. Please ensure to rename the file you upload with your surname, given name, student ID, day and time
of your tutorial, and campus location: e.g. Smith_John_10032324_Monday_2pm_Bentley.
9. Due to the quick turnaround time for finalising marks for this assessment, NO LATE SUBMISSION is
10. Referencing: There is no minimum required references for this assessment, meaning that you will
not lose marks for not having any references. However, this does not mean you can freely copy and
paste information from any other published sources without adequate referencing. If you wish to use
any information (either direct quotes or paraphrase) from any published sources such as your lecture
slides, the unit text books, any journal articles, websites, reports, etc., you MUST ensure that you
properly reference it both in-text as well as in your reference list at the end of your submission to avoid
plagiarism. Collusion and academic integrity principles apply to this assessment.

Good luck in your submission.

End of Trimester 3A, 2022
MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management
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Read the below scenario/case and answer the following THREE questions.


Establishing a New Subsidiary in Venezuela
You are the HR manager of an Australian Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) in the oil and gas
industry, targeting a new market in Venezuela. According to the Organisation of the Petroleum
Exporting Countries (OPEC), Venezuela’s oil revenues account for about 99 per cent of export
earnings. Apart from petroleum, the country’s natural resources include natural gas, iron ore,
gold, bauxite, diamonds and other minerals. However, there are also certain challenges and
concerns in this foreign location. Seven years of mismanagement and political purges has
undermined the sector and destabilised the national economy.
Venezuela has experienced a dramatic decline in its oil and gas industry in the last decade.
Reversing its fortunes will demand a complete overhaul of its legal and institutional framework
for the sector, with attracting international investments the key objective. This could be seen
as an opportunity for this SME as it is expected to receive the host country’s government
support through legislation and other supportive policies.
Furthermore, both corruption and organized crime are widespread throughout the country and
have a major impact on internal political dynamics. The country ranks 173rd out of 180
in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. This can create a serious
challenge for the new subsidiary of the SME.
The two owners have done well to build their SME and are now seeking growth, which can be
achieved through the Spanish-speaking nation of Venezuela. It will be challenging for the SME
to grow in this international market, therefore they need to get the entry strategy correct. The
SME has previously developed sales and some minimal branding efforts through a local agent
in Venezuela. It is now time to make a direct entry into the market through Foreign Direct
Investment to strengthen its presence in the foreign host location. Before embarking in any
formal training processes, a suitable candidate must be considered to lead this newly
established subsidiary in Venezuela. At present, your options are as follows:
A. Assign one of the SME founders to the role. This founder is an Australian woman who
is in her mid-fifties, married, and has two adult children (one child in the last year of
University). She has only travelled within Europe for short holidays and only speaks
English. She has extensive senior leadership skills in the Australian context.

B. Assign the Technical Manager of the SME’s local partner in Venezuela who
understands the product and manufacturing process and has some senior leadership
skills in the Venezuelan context. He is single and a Venezuelan national.

C. Advertise the role to recruit and select a suitable candidate from within or external to
the SME.

End of Trimester 3A, 2022
MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management
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Using the theories and terms you learned in this unit, answer the following THREE

1) Compare and critically discuss the four international staffing approaches to justify
ONE of the provided options (in the above case study) that would ensure the
success of this subsidiary in the Venezuelan context. Provide relevant examples
from the case and/or beyond to support your answer. (20 marks)

2) Define and critically discuss the three international business ethics approaches that we
studied in this unit and justify which one would best address the corruption issue
in this new subsidiary. Provide real-life examples to support your answer. (10 marks)

3) In regards to repatriation issues and potential challenges, identify and critically reflect
on at least FOUR factors that can have negative influence on the repatriation
adjustment process in this case. Provide relevant examples from the case and/or
beyond to support your answer (10 marks)


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