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Writing a Research Question Exercise
Instructions:  Review the resources on writing research questions in the PICO format, and answer the following questions. Identify the PICO elements in the following research questions:
1. Do healthy primigravid women who receive free gym memberships during pregnancy gain less weight during the pregnancy than women who receive regular prenatal care?P:I:C:O:
2. Do overweight women with pre-pregnancy hypertension experience a different risk of stillbirth than women who are normotensive before pregnancy?P:I:C:O:
Write a research question incorporating the following PICO elements:3. P: preterm infants experiencing narcotics withdrawalI:  baby-wearingC: normal careO: jitteriness and hyperreflexiaResearch Question:
4.  P: sexually-active teenagers who smokeI:  new oral contraceptive pill ZC: old contraceptive pill XO: deep vein thrombosisResearch Question:
5. P: Post-menopausal African-American women experiencing hot flashesI:  bio-identical hormonesC: PremproO: hot flash intensity measured via the Thurston hot flash scaleResearch Question:
6. Think of a problem that impacts womens health that interest you. This can be a medical condition, an issue with acceptance or adherence to care, a public health issue or something else. What is the womans health problem youve come up with?
7. Think of two interventions to address this womens health problem. The first intervention should involve direct patient care and should be an intervention that can be implemented with an individual women. The second intervention should address the issue on a broader level, such as starting a program or increasing community access to a particular resource. List your two interventions here.
8. Write PICO elements for a research question about intervention 1 and then write the research question.
9. Write PICO elements for a research question about intervention 2 and then write the research question. 
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