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Hello everyone,
After watching this video and a few more to satisfy my curiosity I have opined that the officer’s choice of communication style was not effective in this situation. The officer chose to use a blend of the direct and blaming styles of communication in which he blamed the nurse for following her instructions given to her by her bosses and using direct language as in if you don’t let me get what I need, you will be arrested. He also used strength in numbers nonverbal approach when he called in more officers to assist. I think that this communication strategy only led to the escalation of the situation. I also feel that there was too many people in the situation not really helping the situation. This situation should’ve been taken to an office or a more private setting. To me this seemed like situation that did not need to get to that point and should’ve been addressed at higher level of administration for both sides. Instead both parties seemed to place blame on someone else for their actions. 

In your response to your peers, consider the changes they would make to improve or alter the outcome or why they felt the approach was appropriate. Do you agree with the changes they would make or their rationale for not making changes? Why or why not?
A think that had the detective transitioned into a more problem solving style of communication it could’ve resulted in a different situation all together. There was no need for the nurse to be arrested since she was just following policy set forth by her employer. I understand that there are exigent circumstances but he needed to understand that he simply could have just returned with a warrant if the blood draw was absolutely necessary, which in my opinion was not necessary. Why would you need a blood sample from a victim of a crash if he’s not under arrest?
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