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Althe Discussion:
My proposed service for Bellevue Hospital “Mental health program that focuses on LGBTQIA+ Youth” (NYC Health + Hospitals, 2022,). This program would include counseling that will help them manage stress and depression, suicide prevention, substance abuse, homelessness and other services (Trevor Project, n.d).  LGBTQIA+  youth may encounter some “negative health and life outcomes”, so it is crucial for them to have access to these and as many other services as possible (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).   The negative health and life outcomes LGBTQIA+ Youth experiences are issues with coming out to their friends and or family, social or fear rejection, they may experience violence, some form of trauma as well as inadequate mental or medical care (D’Amore Mental Health, n.d).  By offering these services Bellevue Hospital can help with making a difference in the health and social disparities LGBTQIA+ youths face.
My focus on two of the five Ps of health care marketing.
For this program I will use two of the five P’s of healthcare marketing “physicians and patients” (Cellucci et al., 2014).  The ones that will be utilizing these services are the patients.  This program will focus on supporting the needs of these patients and assures them that they have all the support services available to them. The two of the Five Ps that I can apply my proposal is public and patients.  The public health of the LGBTQIA+ Youth population would be affected the most from this proposed service.  Such as homelessness, substance abuse and suicide can affect the community.  Public health, “aims to improve the health and well-being of a group or a population”, not person (Cellucci et al., 2014).
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Sharon Discussion
The proposed service chosen for Bellevue Hospital NYC’s Behavioral Health Department is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). TMS is a treatment for depression for patients who do not respond to other medication and therapies. TMS is a “noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression.” (Mayo Clinic, 2018) The treatment involves placing an electromagnetic coil on the patient’s scalp close to their forehead. The painless procedure allows the electromagnet to deliver magnetic pulses which stimulates the nerve cells in the area of the brain that controls mood and depression. The goal is to trigger sections of the brain that decrease depression activity.
Physicians and patients are two of the Five Ps that will be applied to my final healthcare marketing and communication plan. Marketing to physicians internally and externally will be required. Education, compensation, and certification information will be offered in the marketing campaign that will be provided in a forum with experts in TMS to attract new experienced physicians and psychiatrists to Bellevue Hospitals NYC.   The buy-in of staff physicians and psychiatrists will be needed as they will market the service to their patients, who have not had success with traditional treatments for depression.
The marketing campaign for patients would be through social media advertisement. The advertisement would include a short video to educate the patient. The education would include patients who will need to be cleared before having TMS which includes a psychiatric evaluation and a physical examination. Additional marketing education would provide the following warning and risk disclosures as well as the success rate and benefits. The demographic would be chosen through predictive analytics which are simulations that can identify existing trends and direct studies and resources toward the desired targets.  Studies show that researchers are using behavioral and linguistic indications from social media posts to create data that identify the presence of mood and psychosocial conditions.  “Researchers in computer science (CS) are using behavioral and linguistic cues from social media data to predict the presence of mood and psychosocial disorders.” (Chancellor & De Choudhury, 2020) This data will direct the social media advertisement to the appropriate targets.
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