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Professional Issues and Mental Health
Week 3 Summary, Connection & Reflection
A summary, connection and learning reflection discussion board post of the week’s readings, Tuesday night class meeting, content and learning activities are due by Tuesday 2/ class meeting for peer review.

1. BRIEFLY Summarize readings and class meeting (listed below) in your own words, in paragraph form (100-200 words).

a. Class meeting 1/31/23
b. Readings and Assessments:
· Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling by Pope et al. (2016) Chpts 4 Dignity & Respect, 16 Informed Consent & Informed Refusal and 8 Steps in Ethical Decision Making
· AMHCA Codes Section I A & B (pp. 2-4)
· ACA Codes Section A.2 A.3 & A.4
· Self-Assessment: An Inventory of your Attitudes and Beliefs about Professional and Ethical Issues -Look for items related to informed consent

2. Connect course readings, class activities and/or your personal and/or professional experiences (three connections in total). Underline or bold course reading material. Describe/define the course reading and how it relates to another course reading and/or class activity (-ies) (paragraph form OR bullet points).
Examples: Both the ACA & AMHCA sections…….
Reading ……reminded me of a time when I saw, felt, did…..
One similarity and/or difference I noticed between____________and ______________.

3. Reflect upon and Apply your learning experiences, “STEP by STEP”

a. Write the title of the scenario you selected chapter 2.Comment by Josely Pena: Complete this part step by step
b. Review steps in ethical decision making from chapter 8.
c. Go through steps 1 – 5 and 8 for your selected scenario. By go through, respond to the questions Pope et al. (2016) pose for each of the steps that are relevant to your selected scenario. Note that you started steps 1 and 5 through last week’s reflection section. This week, include both the relevant ACA and AMHCA codes as well as ACA principles.
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