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Sweatshop Labor: Case of Russell Athletic
Please read the case study “Sweatshop” Labor: The Case of Russell Athletic and using the Six Steps of Decision-Making framework please develop an essay responding to the following questions:Recognize decision requirement: What are the factors to consider in a corporation when deciding to outsource labor to developing countries?
Diagnosis and analysis of causes: If labor outsourcing to developing countries is a legitimate business strategy, how can it be handled without risk of running into a sweatshop scandal?
Development of alternatives: What are other countries doing to avoid, reduce or eliminate sweatshops?
Selection of desired alternative: Decide on alternatives for outsourcing for companies in developed countries, including whether or not to maintain or implement the same high labor standards and regulations as in the home countries.
Implementation of alternatives: Which alternatives would be best for outsourcing for companies in the United States?
Evaluation and feedback: Have your recommendations been implemented in other countries? Are they working? What has been the outcome?The Essay must have an introduction (to the topic of the assignment), a body (where you will integrate your responses), and a conclusion (your thoughts on the assignment). Please do not just answer the questions as is.
Please use at least 3 scholarly peer-reviewed references + text book.Textbook: Luthans, F., & Doh, J. P. (2021) International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior (11th ed.)