The acronym TOADS (Time, Opportunity, Ability Desire, and Stimulus) indicates specific factors that lead up to and allow violence to occur. Explain why it is important to understand TOADS in order to


The acronym TOADS (Time, Opportunity, Ability Desire, and Stimulus) indicates specific factors that lead up to and allow violence to occur. Explain why it is important to understand TOADS in order to successfully protect an educational campus and the staff/students on a campus.


what do you feel are the top 3 social environment factors impacting relationships today.  Tell why you choose each factor.


Complete the following by clicking the link:

What is Plagiarism?

Once you have completed the video and answered the 8 multiple-choice questions, participate in the discussion of plagiarism.

The focus of the discussion: “Is there a culture of plagiarism?


Based on your current location, or your home state (NC), discuss what legal concerns you may have about performing first aid.

Q5. What would you do to help children with disappointment and anger? What are some of the key aspects would you present to a new parent or teacher?


1. Name some of the challenges students with ADHD face in school and later in life. What are some common ways that students and their families address these challenges?




 What are some ways that educators can support students with ADHD and address these challenges within the school environment?  Discuss the types of instructional strategies and accommodations that may be used.  Would the student with ADHD be served under an Individual Education Program or under a 504 plan? Why?  Support your discussion with references to outside resources.


One of your employees has lost their husband in a tragic car accident a month ago. The employee has had her allowable time off and now that she is back to work, she is not performing well.  Performance ratings are due in two months.  


As the Internet has developed, it has greatly influenced responses to business crises. For organizations, what are the challenges and advantages in managing a crisis? What do you think about the role of the Internet in terms of managing a crisis?


Explain the difference between mitigation and business continuity strategies.  What are the main threats an organization faces today?



define the term “social media” in your own words. Did you have a hard time providing a specific definition?

What do you think of the picture below?

*No sources are needed for this post.

vintage social media



Define psychology in your own words and what it means to you. How is psychology relevant in your daily life?


Please read the fact pattern below and answer the following questions: 

Sam owns a resort that has over 100 employees.  He hired Sandra, a Christian to serve as a housekeeper.  Sandra informed him during the interview process that per her faith, she would need to have every Sunday off on the schedule as she goes to church on Sunday and believes that Sunday is the Sabbath and that she must keep it holy by not working and taking a rest.  Sam, who espoused a policy of diversity, told her it wouldn’t be an issue. 

After the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, 573 U.S. 682 (2014), Sam decided to stop paying for any kind of birth control through the health insurance that he offered his employees due to financial loss associated with the COVID-19 crisis; the business went under and numerous employees left for higher paying jobs or left out of fear of catching the virus.  While the resort offered free COVID-19 vaccinations, many stated that it was against their religion to take the vaccine and opted to look for other employment. 

Sam then started thinking about other ways in which religion impacted his business.  After talking with his wife, he decided to tell Sandra that she could no longer be off every Sunday, as it probably was disruptive to business and bothered the other employees (as they said they were Christians too, but still had to work on Sunday and even took the vaccine to maintain their job during the economic uncertainty).  He issued Sandra a letter informing her that, under her religious freedom rights as a business owner, he would no longer allow her to be off every Sunday.  The next day, he got a certified letter from Sandra’s lawyer telling him that he was violating her rights and unless he allowed her to continue to continue to be off every Sunday, he would be subject to a lawsuit.

Part 1

How would the legal dilemma(s) posed in this scenario likely be resolved if no Constitution existed?  Does what you imagine seem impartial and/or fair to all parties?

Part 2

Using the federal Constitution “as is”, assume that: 

– if your last name starts with A-M, you are a paralegal assigned to assisting Sandra’s lawyer.

– if your last name starts with N-Z, you are a paralegal assigned to assisting Sam’s lawyer.  

Further assume that the lawyer for whom you work wants you to outline the basic arguments that should be made for the respective client (either Sandra or Sam).  Upon what resource(s) did you rely in your proposed legal argument?

Note that the First Amendment protects against governmental actions, not those of private individuals.  Also, what is the law that gives First Amendment rights to corporations?  You will want to find that as well (it’s mentioned in the Hobby Lobby case).  Here’s something to start your research on the rights of individuals in the workplace.  

Part 3

Now you may make your personal commentary on these issues. 

  • Do you agree with corporations having First Amendment rights?  Why or why not?  
    • Do you think that corporations should be able to impose the religious beliefs of the owners on the employees and not be subject to restrictions like Title VII? 
  • What if Sam was a Scientologist?  What if Sam was a member of a religion created by his cousin?  How do you know if a religious practice is protected?  
  • Does the US need a constitution or not?  Why?


Despite the comprehensive background investigation and other pre-employment screening requirements, corruption is still a significant concern in corrections, particularly among correctional officers.


In your initial post, discuss at least three factors that may contribute to, or cause, a correctional officer to partake in one or more acts of corruption? Conclude your response by identifying at least three strategies that correctional leaders can implement to minimize corruption among correctional officers.

Remember to support your response with a minimum of one current (within the past 5-10 years) scholarly research. 



Discuss how and why quality of patient care has been pushed to improve in the United States, throughout history, from the 1700’s to present times.



Describe one of the principles of ethics presented in the readings or videos this week then evaluate both the positive and negative impacts of the principle. Lastly, include a discussion surrounding the importance of studying ethics.




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