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Walmart Model & Situational Analysis
Assignment – Walmart Business Model & Situational AnalysisWrite a ~1,000-word analysis report (plus any relevant charts or graphs) on Walmart’s globalization strategy over the last few decades. Where did the retailer struggle? Where did it do well? Can location characteristics explain the differences in Walmart performance? Are there general insights that can be derived?Small Preview 
Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has implemented a globalization strategy over the past few decades that has led to both successes and struggles. One of the company’s biggest successes has been its expansion into international markets, particularly in countries such as Mexico, Canada, and China. The company has also been successful in leveraging its scale and efficiency to drive down costs and offer low prices to consumers.
However, the company has also faced a number of challenges in its globalization efforts. One major struggle has been in entering and competing in markets with strong local retailers. Walmart has also faced criticism and controversy over its labor practices and impact on small businesses in the markets it enters. Additionally, the company has struggled with cultural differences and adapting its business model to different markets.
Despite these struggles, Walmart has continued to expand globally and is currently present in 27 countries. The company has also made efforts to address some of the criticisms and controversies it has faced, such as increasing its focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.