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** Due to changes in our roster, group members are subject to change until beginning of week 3 (January 24 2023).
Part I
 choose and explain the ethical and legal issues with one of the followings 
· Genetic/genomic research
· Take a position on the topic and include evidence to support your position.
Explain why your group agrees or disagrees with the stance and  provide citations or evidence to support it. Be constructive and professional in your responses. Remember to format in APA which avoids “I,” “we,” “you,” and similar pronouns. Recommend using terms like “the group” or “the nurses.” 
Part II:
Summarize and apply the decision-making model you employed and the process used to arrive at your position.
Review the following resources from this week’s University Library Readings if you need additional information about ethical decision-making models:
· An Integrated Ethical Decision-Making Model for Nurses
· Nursing Ethics in Everyday Practice: A Step-By-Step Guide, Ch. 2: Ethical Decision-Making
*** see attached two articles ****
Format your assignment as one of the following:

· 875-word paper
Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed sources published within the last 5 years that support your positions.
Include an APA-formatted reference list.
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