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Assignment Prompt:
· Begin by researching another product in which you have an interest. Look for a product for which you can find an online resource that provides some insight into the flow of materials to make this product.
· Then, create a PowerPoint presentation that instructs your audience on the functions involved with and the controls needed to manage the supply chain AND thematerial flow for this product.
· Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:
1. A  minimum of 15 slides (Excluding the title and reference pages)2. A template appropriate to Materials Management3. An introductory slide that informs your audience of the subject4. Art, photographs, clip art, tables, charts, and/or graphics to enhance every slide.  ALWAYS include a source citation for all artwork you upload from online.5. Your slides should refer to a minimum of 3 references. Cite and reference (on the last page) according to APA 76. Use bullet lists, not lengthy paragraphs7. Speaker’s notes OR Narration – Either Insert the speaker’s notes a t the bottom of each page to expand on and explain your main points in each slide, or you may also insert an audio narration for each slide instead of the speaker’s noes.  Use bullet lists for these notes to make for easier following during the presentation.8. Include a summation slide as the next to last slide.  This summation should tell your audience the main take-away points you want them to remember.  This is one of the most important slides in your presentation, spend some time thinking through what you want your audience to remember from your presentation.9. The last slide is for references, include a  minimum of three authoritative resources you have used and cited to support your main points

Assignment Instructions:
There is no template for this assignment, however citations and references should use the APA 7th edition Form and Style Guide for your presentation . Don’t forget to include a minimum of 3 authoritative sources to support your main points in this assignment.  Check your grammar, spelling, and clarity carefully before submitting it
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