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Mini-Lecture Uneven Distribution,
Environmental (In)Justice & Environmental Racism

oEnvironmental Justice (EJ) is the fairtreatment and meaningful involvement ofall people regardless of race, color,national origin, or income with respect tothe development, implementation andenforcement of environmental laws,regulations and policies.
oFair treatment means no group of peopleshould bear a disproportionate share ofthe negative environmental consequencesresulting from industrial, governmentaland commercial operations or policies.

2 Sides to Environmental (In)justice
The uneven distribution of environmental harms and the uneven
development of environmental goods in which low-income
residents and communities of color are disproportionally
exposed to environmental hazards while also being prevented
from benefiting from environmental amenities.

Local Unwanted Land Uses (LULUs)
oWaste Disposal Facilities/Dumps
oChemical Facilities/Factories
o Incineration Facilities
oPower Plants

Neighborhood Pollution: Air

Neighborhood Pollution: Soil
• Pesticides
• Petroleum
• Radon
• Asbestos
• Lead
• Chromated Copper

Neighborhood Pollution: Water
• Lead
• Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS)
• Methane, Ethane and Propane

Pollution Impacts on Human Health
• Higher rates of cancer
• Higher rates of asthma
• Higher rate of heart disease
• Higher rates of diabetes
• Lower life expectancy

Environmental Goods
oFresh Air
oHealthy Well Cared for Parks
oOpen Green Spaces
oClean Water & Waterways

Biodiversity & The Strength of DiversityoThe variety of life in the world
or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.
oEcosystem diversity boosts the availability of oxygen via the process of photosynthesis amongst plant organisms domiciled in the habitat. … A lack of diversity in the ecosystem produces an opposite result.

The Environmental Justice Movement
o1st Report to comprehensively document thepresence of hazardous wastes in racial andethnic communities with the US.
oCommunities with the greatest number ofcommercial hazardous waste facilities have thehighest composition of racial and ethnicresidents.

Environmental Racism
“Without a doubt, racism influences the
likely hood of exposure to environmental and
health risks and the accessibility to health
care. Racism provides whites of all class
levels with an ‘edge’ in gaining access to a
healthy physical environment. This has been
documented again and again.”
(Bullard, 1999)

Environmental JusticeAs a broad set of concerns, has focused on the relationship between marginalized groups and issues…
oElitism of mainstream environmentalism
oThe biased nature of environmental policy
oThe limited participation of nonwhites in environmental affairs
oDisproportionate exposure of nonwhites and low-income residents to pollution
(Pulido, 1996)

Environment is “the Place You Work, Live, and Play”

Environment is “the Place You Work, Live, and Play”

Environment is “the Place You Work, Live, and Play”
oParks, Playgrounds & Recreation
oCommunity Gardens
oOpen Space
oTraditional Lands

Environmental Justice & Housing“America is segregated andso is pollution. Race andclass still matter and mapclosely with pollution,unequal protection, andvulnerability. Today, zip codeis still the most potentpredictor of an individual’shealth and well-being.”
Home Version 2

Distributive vs Procedural Justices
Distributive Justice
Distributive justice is essential to the search for environmental justice because it requires a fair equitable distribution of society’s technological and environmental risks and impacts.
(K. Shrader-Frechette, 2002)
Procedural Justices
Procedural justice is concerned with making and implementing decisions according to fair processes. People feel affirmed if the procedures that are adopted treat them with respect and dignity, making it easier to accept even outcomes they do not like.
(Morton Deutsch, 2002)

Cannon Ball, North Dakota

Environmental Justice Issues are
Environmental IssuesThe Climate Has Changed

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