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The goal of this paper is to examine a popular culture artifact (e.g. a movie, a show, a video game, a YouTube video) to understand its implicit messages. What I mean by implicit messages is that through the examination of your artifact you should argue the text achieves some communication goal. For example, a paper arguing the Lord of the Rings is a text about the power of friendship in overcoming evil is not acceptable: It is obvious. After picking and watching the artifact ask yourself:
What is this artifact trying to persuade me to do or believe?
What is normal for the characters and does the artifact ask me to believe it is also normal?
Why do I like or dislike this text so much?
What does that say about how my identity is catered to (or not) through popular culture?
The paper should be five pages in length and in APA format. You are required to cite five peer-reviewed sources (no other source types).
My budget is $40… I apologize in advance!!
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