You DO NOT have to enter the number

●      Replicate the Gantt Chart in the Assignment 2 Template attached to this assignment and shown here using a TeamGantt

● Links to an external site.

●       free, personal account. Note: You DO NOT have to enter the number of days in the parentheses in the task list. Just enter the task names. The days are shown in the solution template so you will know how long each task is supposed to take.

●      Pay careful attention to the details. You are graded on the details. Your work must match the template.

●      Make sure you include all information, columns, headings, etc., as shown in the assignment template.

●      You must show all of the columns that are in the assignment template in your final PDF that you will upload to Canvas.

●      The critical path must be correct (it is not shown on the above example and it should be shown):

all predecessors must be correct

all critical tasks must be shown in red

all other tasks must be shown in blue or orange

all milestones must be shown in default yellow/gold

●      All task names must be on the Gantt chart bars as shown in the assignment template.

●      All milestones must be included.

●      The project start date is 09/18/2023 or you may start 01/01/2023

●      The project end date is 12/08/2023 or if you start 01/01/2023 the end is 03/22/2023.

●      Your Gantt chart timescale view is in Weeks.

●      Make sure you save your work.

●      You are to upload to Canvas, using the specified file naming nomenclature a PDF file of your solution as shown in the assignment template

○ Add the header as shown including your name and course section

○ Make certain all required columns are showing

○ Your entire project must print to no more than 4 pages.

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