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In your replies to at least two peers, address the following questions:
● What specific initiative, practice, or change to your peer’s evaluated practice couldimprove community or employee support?
● What are the benefits and risks of implementing your suggested initiative, practice, orchange?
● If you were the primary decision-maker, would you implement your suggested initiative,practice, or change? In other words, do you feel the benefits outweigh the risks? Why orwhy not?
RubricCriteria Exemplary Proficient Needs
ImprovementNot Evident Valu
Develops aninitial post withan organized,clear point ofview or ideausing rich andsignificantdetail (100%)
Develops aninitial post witha point of viewor idea usingadequateorganizationand detail(85%)
Develops aninitial post with apoint of view oridea but withsome gaps inorganization anddetail (55%)
Does notdevelop aninitial postwith anorganizedpoint of viewor idea (0%)
Timeliness N/A Submits initialpost on time(100%)
Submits initialpost one day late(55%)
Submits initialpost two ormore dayslate (0%)
Engagement Providesrelevant andmeaningfulresponseposts withclarifyingexplanationand detail(100%)
Providesrelevantresponseposts withsomeexplanationand detail(85%)
Providessomewhatrelevantresponse postswith someexplanation anddetail (55%)
Providesresponseposts that aregeneric withlittleexplanationor detail (0%)

Writes poststhat are easilyunderstood,clear, andconcise usingproper citationmethodswhereapplicable withno errors incitations(100%)
Writes poststhat are easilyunderstoodusing propercitationmethodswhereapplicable withfew errors incitations (85%)
Writes posts thatareunderstandableusing propercitation methodswhere applicablewith a number oferrors in citations(55%)
Writes poststhat othersare not ableto understandand does notuse propercitationmethodswhereapplicable(0%)
Total 100%
Peer 1
Andrea Heigh
For this discussion post I chose to focus on a workplace culture that is seen as stressful,competitive, or alienating. When a workplace becomes this way, I believe it is because theculture isn’t focused solely on their bottom line. When a workplace is stressful that could actuallybe related to a number of factors like pressure from management to produce at high levels, or tobring in a specific amount of money each month. When the work environment feels competitivethere are many reasons for it. One of the main ones is managers pitting employees against oneanother. This can be done intentionally or accidentally it all depends on the motives of thesupervisor. This creates a every man for themselves type of culture which is not good for theprofessional environment. Not everyone can take working in a toxic environment nor shouldthey have to. If a company starts to lose employees their production will start to drop. This couldnegatively impact their customers/clients, which would then lead to a decrease in profits. Whenemployees are happy and feel like they are taken care of they tend to be more productive duringthe workday. This leads to a culture where everyone wins. When the company takes care of theemployees, they in turn take care of the clients/customers, and the clients/customers willcontinue to spend their money with the business

Jose Torres
The topic I have picked is (Pay is Low). The reason why this organization is implementing lowpay is due that its not really a business or its lack of income is not so great. “Companies thathire child care workers, gas station clerks, restaurant servers and security guards are amongthe businesses most likely to get caught cheating their employees”, according to a Center forPublic Integrity analysis, (AP New, 2021, Alexia Fernandez). Thus these employees may knowwhat the minimum wage is, the community they live in or county may be accepting these lowpaying jobs because they are closer to their homes or finding a job may be hard for them. Thenegative repercussions of doing this leads to minimum job getting done, lazy and bad workers,and a bad reputation since the workers feel less appreciated. Another thing will be having theworkers come on their days off and not paying overtime. All these lead to a business beingcorrupt and also workers just doing what ever they want since they know the pay is not fair. IPersonally can agree because my first job as a lifeguard was at a pool where managementwould ask for too much but not pay extra. I would come in late and leave early, since I knew thatthey needed me, I could get away. Plus I had a side job that paid so much more than that job, Ionly stayed because I had friends there. The benefits that employees and local communities if amore people friendly practice was incorporated would be a fair pay but also a good reputationwith the community on its efforts to having great employees and great company. Such asWalmart we have all seen the craziness that happens in Walmart and Walmart is known for theprices but everyone knows Walmart can not standby a store like Publix.
AP News (2021), Alexia Fernandez,https://apnews.com/article/how-companies-rip-off-poor-employees-6c5364b4f9c69d9bc1b0093519935a5a

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