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Project Management Fundamentals Analysis
According to Her Majesty’s government, the Northern powerhouse is a policy strategy with an overarching aim of boosting the economic agenda of Northern cities so that they can realise the untapped potential. Considering that, the Northern powerhouse strategy incorporates all sectors of the economy:Your company has commissioned you to undertake the following tasks:

To identify a project in your field of specialisation (or similar). The project should act as a technical response to the business potential from the Northern powerhouse policy
To produce a Business Case for a project and how this will be implemented by your organisation as it develops a fully costed project with the intention of taking advantage of the business opportunity that has arisen in the sector of your choice within the Northern powerhouse linked cities.

Assignment objectives and marking criteria
Mark %

1. To identify the underpinning principles and concepts of project management.

2. To analyse and evaluate the value of project management competencies in proposing a project initiation report.

3. To undertake some creative analysis and critical thinking that is fully supported by the current project management body of knowledge.

This assignment is in two parts:

Submission date
Learning outcomes

In Class Wk 8 and 9

Individual Business Case Project

All reports should contain:
Title page: giving the following information:

The full title of the work
The full name of the author
The award for which the project is submitted in partial fulfilment of its requirements
The year of submission
The word count (excluding acknowledgements, diagrams, references, bibliography and appendices)

 Confidentiality statement: If there are genuine reasons why your work could be considered confidential then you should discuss this matter with your Module Co-ordinator.
 Executive summary: a brief summary of the aim, methodology, contents, and conclusions of the team project.
Acknowledgements: a list of people who provided help to the author during the research and writing of the project.
 List of contents: showing the breakdown of the project into its constituent parts and locating them by page number. It is good practice to also include a list of figures, tables and appendices.
 Introduction: presenting and justifying the research and/or consultancy problem/issue and introducing the approach taken to investigating and presenting the problem.
Glossary: a list of abbreviations and technical terms used and their definitions.
Body of the report: should be arranged in a way appropriate to the topic, presenting a review of relevant literature, results and discussions and a synthesis of findings, critical analysis of facts and/or ideas, using chapter headings, with paragraphs and spacing for ease of reading and cross-reference.
Conclusions and recommendations: an assessment of the findings along with any recommendations; this section should, explicitly or implicitly, establish the validity of the work in relation to its field.
References: reference citations should be placed either at the bottom of the relevant page or grouped together at the end of each chapter of the project.
Bibliography: a separate list of the other relevant and useful works in the field that you have consulted.
Appendices: optional; useful for relevant but supplementary information.

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