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Panda Sunglasses Case Study
Learning Outcomes: 
1. Describe the place of small business in history and explore the strengths and weaknesses of small business. (LO 1)
2.Design a solid projected financial plan and conduct a breakeven analysis for a small company. (LO 3)
3. Demonstrate the ability to deliver and communicate marketing massages in coherent and professional manner. (LO 5)
Case Study
Students are supposed to read the attached Case -Panda Sunglasses. Based on your understanding of the case and basic concepts of Entrepreneurship.Answer the following question:
1. How can social entrepreneurs such as the founders of Panda Sunglasses use their companies’ social missions to attract customers and promote their business? (3 marks)
2. How should the founders of Panda Sunglasses define a unique selling proposition for their company that resonate with customers? (3 marks)
3. Write a brief memo to the founders of Panda Sunglasses outlining a bootstrap marketing plan for the company? (3 marks)
4. Use the business model canvas to illustrate Panda Sunglasses business model. Can you identify other revenue streams that could support the company? How can the company strengthen its relationships with customers? (3 marks)
5. How should the founders of Panda Sunglasses use social media to market their company and its products? What can they do to increase the traffic to and generate more sales from their company’s Web site? (3 marks)
Reference should be included.