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EDUC 380
Portfolio Assignment Instructions
The Portfolio Assignment provides you with an opportunity to create a document that you could present to a potential employer. Administrators meet with many candidates before deciding which candidate is the best fit for a potential teaching position. Considering this, it is wise to make a great first impression. Some administrators may request a portfolio or some evidence of your teaching style. This Portfolio Assignment will help you create a document that would be appropriate and helpful to submit to an administrator for review when you are being considered for a teaching position.
For this Portfolio Assignment you will need to include 4 specific components: Cover, Resume, Teaching Statement, and Teaching Tools. A description of what needs to be included in each component is provided below. Your Portfolio should be completed in a Word Document with 12-point Times New Roman used throughout the Portfolio. You should not list outside sources or citations in the Portfolio Assignment. There is not a limit to how many pages or slides you present, but you must include all components and present them in a professional manner.
1. Cover
· One page
· A picture of just you in professional attire (this does not have to be taken by a professional photographer, but it should be an appropriate photo that you would like a potential employer to see before meeting you)
· Full name
· Degree you are completing
· Liberty email address

2. Resume
You need to include a professional resume that you would use to apply to a teaching position. It is highly recommended that you reach out to Career Services to have a Resume Critique. This is a free service available to all Liberty University Online students. This is not a requirement, just a suggestion. If you do not have a current resume, please explore resume templates provided in Microsoft Office or a similar program. Your resume should include:
· Current and updated information in your resume
· Attractive presentation that would appeal to a potential employer

3. Teaching Statement
This is where you will give a potential employer a glimpse into what you would be like as a teacher in their school. The teaching statement should reflect your teaching style, philosophy, and personality. You should use first-person point of view (I, we) in the teaching statement. You need to answer three specific questions:
· What are some goals you have for yourself and your students?
· How will you create an inclusive learning environment for all students?
· What, for you, constitutes evidence of student learning?
Each question should be answered in paragraph form with a minimum of one paragraph for each question (at least 5 sentences in each paragraph). Do not include outside sources or citations in the teaching statement.
4. Teaching Tools
In this section, you need to prove to a potential employer that you are proficient in technology that could be used to enhance instruction in the classroom. You need to provide a minimum of 3 different technology integration tools that could help reach the needs of all learners. These tools could be educational websites, educational apps, digital tools such as Class Dojo, educational displays/resources in the classroom such as a Smart Board, etc. For each example of technology that you choose to include in your Portfolio Assignment, you need to include:
· A picture of the technology example. This can be a screenshot of the website, app, or even the tool being used in the classroom. Students faces should not be included in these pictures if you choose to take a picture in your own classroom.
· A minimum of three sentences describing what this technology tool is, how it is used, and how this technology tool would help enhance instruction in the classroom.

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