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For this assignment, you will create an informational PowerPoint presentation about landfills and plastic waste. Your presentation should address the following information:
· the difference between dumps, tips, landfills, and sanitary landfills;
· how leachate and gas are generated in a landfill;
· the differences in the generation and characteristics of municipal solid waste (MSW) in developed and undeveloped countries;
· the quantity and transport of plastic waste that is disposed of in landfills or otherwise dumped in the environment;
· the sources, effects, and characteristics of microplastics in the environment; and
· the sources and impacts of plastic pollution in the ocean.
You must use the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint to offer augmenting information and an explanation of your slide material. You are encouraged to use appropriate graphics to visually stimulate your audience and support your content.
Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least six slides in length, not counting the title or reference slides. You must use at least three sources to support your presentation, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. Adhere to APA guidelines when creating citations and references for this assignment.
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