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While all humans have told stories since the early days of history, there are some differences in the ways that various cultures have created and communicated their stories throughout time. These cultural differences in storytelling often speak to the communication preferences of diverse audiences. By assessing traditional stories from a variety of different cultures, we can better understand the communication preferences of those audiences today.
Choose two different cultures to examine, and then choose one prominent story that is told by each culture. These stories can be in any form. You may examine two stories from any two cultures, and you can also use the examples provided in these instructions as a starting point for exploring diverse storytelling methods and cultures. If you choose your own cultures and stories, be sure to cite the source so the full story can be viewed.
The following are examples of methods that some cultures have historically used for storytelling. Within each resource are explanations of the culture and storytelling method, along with some stories that are told through these methods.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
· Indicate both the similarities and differences between the chosen stories.
· Analyze how the identified differences indicate communication preferences for each audience or culture.
· Explain the relationship between the selected cultures and their respective storytelling methods.
· Compare how the storytelling of one of your selected stories and its respective culture relates to your other story and its culture.
Guidelines for Submission
Your paper must be submitted as a 250- to 500-word Microsoft Word document. You must include references for the two stories you discussed, but additional references are not required. All references must be cited in APA format.
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