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Q.1 Week 8: Innovation Projects
Now take your project idea as described in the prior two discussions to the next level, discuss the application domain with respect to current technology and discuss how you would turn your ideas into an opportunity to innovate with the use of technology.
Summarize how you would propose to make that happen, and how you would become an innovation force. For your comment posts, interact with the class in the same way, add, enhance and encourage innovation, and become an enabler of innovation.
Notes: Please Make 2 Discussions
1. Discussions 1
2. Discussions 2
(I have attached the Project as well)
Q.2 Write a reply( Luis)
Regarding my ideas I would implement with the Nintendo Switch, I would open up the vaults to their full gaming collection; NES, SNES, N64, and discuss with Sega for the release of their full roster of games from the Genesis. Having all these collections of games would increase sales of the Switch and also increase the sales of the Nintendo Family Pack they sell online. This allows access to these games and can be shared with several people through the account.
Given the fact that this change would offer over 1,000 games with NES, SNES, N64, and Genesis games, and offering for only $80/year, this would be a no-brainer for customers to obtain a Switch for themselves and their family. The marketing alone could be swayed towards nostalgia with older gamers being able to access their childhood in a moments notice and having it right at their fingertips.
Q.3 Write a reply (Simmons)
Since I have been in the healthcare field for over half a year. I have always had discussion to the nurses and doctors on how can can we make healthcare more convenience for the public. My innovation would be Telemedicine this is a similar innovation as telehealth. The benefits of the program would be 
Health spot- offers a telehealth system that provides high-quality medical diagnostics to patients anytime, anywhere. The platform establishes face-to-face dialogue and sets a path for patients to have easy access to follow-up treatment with their providers. The platform also supports access to an electronic health record (EHR) that can send health information to other providers and ease electronic prescribing. 
Handheld Telemedicine Kits-Medweb offers what it calls the smallest mobile telemedicine kit on the market. The   includes the medical devices needed to conduct first-line patient exams, integrated with a tablet computer.

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