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This can be regarded as a very interesting question. She is a famous Indian web series actress. She is also into modeling and her photoshoots are quite famous on various social media platforms. Thus, it is evident that she is indeed very popular and has a lot of fans throughout the world. She is extremely talented as well. Here, we will be discussing some of the essential details regarding in brief. So, without further delay, let’s get into our discussion of the topic. 
Her personal life
She was born in Kolkata and is a Bengali. She was also brought up in this beautiful city. As per reports, she was born in the year 1995. She had an excellent upbringing. Most people know her by the name mishti. But surprisingly, this is not her real name. Her actual name is Pallavi Basu. Another interesting fact about this actress is that she is very much into fitness and regularly attends the gym. She even provides advice related to fitness and well being to her fans and followers through her social media platforms. According to some reports, she belongs to a Hindu family and is not yet married. She is also an animal lover. This is evident from the various pictures that she posts on her social media platforms. Now, in the next section, let’s discuss the various aspects related to her career in brief. 
Career of mishti basu
This section can be very helpful for all those people who have not yet come across this incredibly talented actress. She is extremely hardworking as well as dedicated. This is evident from the fame and the popularity that she receives at such a young age. She appeared in a number of short films which were extremely successful. These include Garam Masala, One Night, Desi Tadka, Jism, etc. In addition to that, she has also acted in a number of popular web series. This gave her immense popularity and success. Some of these web series are Riti Riwaj Pinjara, Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar, etc. 
Hence, from our discussion of the topic, it is quite evident that the actress mishti basu is indeed very famous and people love and support her a lot. In addition to that, she is very much active on all of her social media platforms. She has thousands of followers on her different social media platforms. They shower her with immense love and well wishes on a regular basis. Thus, it can be assured that in the coming years her popularity will increase even more. This is entirely due to her talent and hard work.
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