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This can be regarded as a very popular question among a lot of Indian audiences. Remo and his family are loved and adored by thousands of people who love dance and enjoy watching it. Thus, most of his fans are very much curious about his family as well as his children. Now, as we all know, Remo has 2 children and both of them are boys. Here, we will be discussing the topic, “” in detail. So, without further delay, let’s get into our discussion of the topic. 
Interesting facts about his sons’ names
The famous dancer, actor and choreographer, Remo has two sons. Their names are Dhruv DSouza and Gabriel DSouza. While looking at the names of his sons some of us might wonder why one of his sons has a hindu name. Yes, we are talking about Dhruv DSouza. This can seem quite interesting and all his fans might wonder the reason behind this name. In order to understand that, we need to state another interesting fact here. Most of us might be unaware of Remo’s early days. He was actually born into a Hindu-Nair family. His real name is  Ramesh Gopi Nair. But he later converted to Christianity. Thus, this might be the reason why Remo named one of his sons Dhruv. He must have thought about keeping some aspects of his previous religion within his children. His other son’s name is a Christian name and this indicates his faith and respect for his current religion. Thus, it is evident that he wanted to give his sons an exposure of both the religions. This can be regarded as a very efficient trait of his parenting.
Hobbies and interests of remo d souza son
Like their father, both Dhruv DSouza and Gabriel DSouza are very much interested in dance. This is evident from their social media platforms. Their parents are very supportive and encourage them to follow their heart. From their performances, it is quite evident that they have inherited Remo’s dancing genes. Both Remo and his wife regularly post pictures of their sons on their respective social media accounts. It is evident that both of them love their children a lot. 
Thus, from our discussion of the topic, “remo d souza son“, it is quite evident that his sons are very capable and talented. In the coming years, they will surely establish a place for themselves in the world of dance.
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