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Make a follow-up of a student’s weekly discussion and respond with your opinion regarding to her post

Greeting Dr. Sattler and class,
This course has been amazing. I have learned much about transcultural nursing, which will help me in my future practice. One of the things I have learned about in this course is caring for patients from different cultures. Nursing entails interacting with people from different cultures because any person can be sick. As a nurse, I should provide quality and competent care to all patients regardless of their ethnic differences, which can be challenging if a nurse does not understand the patients’ culture. Therefore, I will learn different cultural practices for caring for patients from different cultures. I will also learn other cultural languages, to interact effectively with patients from diverse cultures. I will also interact more with people from different cultures to learn how they communicate.
The other concept I have learned in this course is diversity. Diversity is the practice of including people from minority racial and ethnic groups in a work setting. After studying this course, I have realized the importance of hiring nurses from minority cultures and religions. For example, Muslim patients prefer being attended to by nurses who understand the teachings and practices of the Muslim religion. As a future nursing leader, I will ensure my healthcare facility includes nurses from diverse cultures. This approach will encourage people from minority communities to access healthcare services. It will also improve patient satisfaction. I am also planning to propose a healthcare policy that will ensure students from minority communities have access to nursing education to be future nurses. With the increasing population diversity, there is a need to have nurses from minority cultures to reduce health disparities among populations.

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