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Week 9 Journal- Please use the below sub headings to address all the areas.
· Due Date: 11/9/22 @ 12 noon
· Social Work- American Literature
· 2 Pages for each journal
· Professional writing, APA formatting, four scholarly sources within 5 the past five years of publication, intext citation, three double-spaced pages, times New Roman font, 12 point.

Co-facilitated an Anger management Group. The client shared that they are happy to be out of jail.. said that they used to wake up angry every morning just because they were locked up. But now they’re not angry anymore. Also shared that anger is a state of mind that brings about negative energy. If they are angry, then they speak angrily to another person which upsets that person so it becomes a ripple effect. The therapist used the Anger Iceberg list (therapistaid.com) to direct the group.
Week 10 Journal
Co-facilitated a Rational Decision-Making group. The group focused on what rational decisions do you employ when faced with adverse situations,,….client shared that he was upset this morning because he went to get his ID but forgot all his paperwork home, though he prepared it but forgot it on his bed. The client shared he made a rational decision by coming to group rather than going back home, because he would not have even gone back to get the ID sorted out.
Assignments Completed:
Learning Goals Addressed: 
Share the date and length of supervision:
Reflect on Major Goals and outcome of supervision:
Learner Feelings/Reaction:
Reflect on how practice seminar discussions and materials have been integrated into practice experience:
Identify skills/ theory used: 
List the social work value/ethical dilemmas or any questions raised:
How did you employ self-awareness, self-care, and professionalism:
Competencies used:
Reflect on your learning and practicum experience:
A summary of the learners’ impressions:
Future plans:
Identifications of questions to present to practice supervision:
Students’ comments: 

Week 10 Journal
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