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Is job satisfaction in our industry the same for both genders? We will look at Job Satisfaction and Gender for this analysis. First, we write out the hypotheses:
(Null Hypothesis) H0: 1 2 = 0(Alternate Hypothesis) H1: 1 2 0
H0: Males rate job satisfaction the same as females.H1: Males rate job satisfaction differently than females.
You decide to test this at the = 0.05 level, using a t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Unequal Variances. Run this test in Excel and interpret the results.
p-VALUE approach (use the wording to reject or fail to reject the Null hypothesis)
Given that the p value (xx) is greater than the alpha (.05), the Null hypothesis cannot be rejected, therefore there is no support for the Alternate Hypothesis that (paste Alternate Hypothesis)
Given that the p value (xx) is less than the alpha (.05), the Null hypothesis is rejected, therefore there is support for the Alternate Hypothesis that (paste Alternate Hypothesis here)

Discuss implications for management. Research and find out if there are studies that make connections between the variables you tested.
Make industry connections with the research from IBISWorld. Include workplace applications that may be implemented based on the findings.

Repeat the same testing for:

Intrinsic Job Satisfaction
Extrinsic Job Satisfaction
Organizational Commitment

 No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to  and . NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying  to support content will result in reduced scoring Level 2-Developing across the grading rubric. 
NOTE: The template for this assignment is attached
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